The School in Carrières-sur-Seine

The international Montessori school is located in the charming town of Carrières-sur-Seine, in the Yvelines (78), West of Paris. We welcome children rom 2 to 11 years old, from early years to elementary.

The environment

The school is located in a newly 500 sqm house over a 1350 sqm garden. Step by step, we set up an educational farm and a sustainable garden. These projects are part of our environmental awareness program as an eco-friendly school.

The location

Within only two train stations to La Défense (RER A) and direct to St Lazare station, the school welcomes children from all backgrounds.

Our specificities

  • English mother-tongue and French speaking educators all day long (1 adult for 8 children)
  • Chinese as an option
  • An educational farm
  • A sustainable and self-sufficient garden
  • After-school activities: arts, music, drama, and gym/yoga.
International Montessori school Carrières-sur-Seine
International Montessori school Carrières-sur-Seine

Fully renovated building

nternational Montessori and Eco friendly school Carrières-sur-Seine - garden
nternational Montessori and Eco friendly school Carrières-sur-Seine - garden

Out for our weekly walk outdoor

International Montessori school Carrieres (78) West of Paris team group

Working in a team

International Montessori school Carrieres (78) West of Paris practical life

The practical corner


Laetitia AYMONIN - Founder and director

“I came up to open a Montessori school after returning from expatriation with my two boys. It was mainly because nearby international schools were not respectful of the child development.

Fond of skiing and listening to Chopin, Laetitia is coached by the Yvelines Entrepreneurship Network made of past and current experienced CEOs. She is also certified by the Montessori Association in France, the Isabelle Filliozat Institute, and the French Red Cross. Since the end of 2019, she graduated from an Executive MBA at INSEAD.

International Montessori school Carrieres (78) West of Paris Laetitia Aymonin
International Montessori school Carrieres (78) West of Paris Maud Sérié

Maud SÉRIÉ - French guide, 3-6 years old

Raised in a Franco-German family, Maud has been a globe-trotter since her teens and studied or worked in France, Germany, Ireland, the USA, and Morocco. She was an excellent manager for her team in B2B companies until she realized her joy increased when surrounded by children. Certified by the French Montessori Institute in June 2019, her favorite sentence from Montessori is: “The teacher must avoid all superfluity, but must not forget the necessary.”

Jennifer DUREAU - English speaking assistant

In parallel to her teaching experience in English and French in France, Italy and Spain, Jennifer trained to become Tai-chi certified and translated several books on Montessori. Certified with a Master degree in translation, she takes this year an online course to become a Montessori guide: “My expertise in Chinese martial arts helps me understand how important the movement, concentration, discipline, and repetition are, as well as humility, patience, respect and listening to oneself and others.”

International Montessori school Carrieres (78) West of Paris Jennifer Dureau

We're hiring!

For our holidays camps in July:

  • An English-speaking 3-6 Montessori guide

Our guides and assistants are graduates and trained to teach in a Montessori school.

Come and meet us!

We open our doors on Saturday June 6 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Come and meet our team and discuss with parents whose children are attending our school!

To register now, you can contact Laetitia AYMONIN, the director, at +33 (0) or


Our partners are a collective of amazing people striving to bring additional expertise to the project, with one concern in each of their philanthropic soul: enabling a child-centered education as a passport to life. We thank them all dearly.

* Ms. Lucas, M. Millot, and M. de Bourrousse from the Town Hall of Carrières-sur-Seine *

* All members at Yvelines Entrepreneurial Network, especially Pierre Court and Laurent Lieutaud *

* The Ministry of Education in Versailles, and more precisely the two mindful and professional inspectors *

* Maria Montessori Superior Institute of Paris *