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We Love Mômes opened its first school in September 2019 in Carrières-sur-Seine (West of Paris) for children aged 2 to 6.

Situated in a 450 sq m house with a land of 1350 sqm, an educational farm as well as a sustainable garden are part of the project to environmental awareness.

Within only three train stations (RER A) to La Défense, the school welcomes children from all backgrounds.


– English and French speaking educators all day long (1 adult for 8 children)

– Option: Chinese

– An educational farm

– A sustainable and self-sufficient garden

After-school activities: arts, music, drama, and gym/yoga


After 14 years in the management of a company in the United States and in Japan, and the home birth of her two sons, Laetitia incremented her learning on education at the Maria Montessori Institute, the Isabelle Filliozat Institute, the Cassiopée Institute, and the Red-Cross.
This year, Laetitia has enrolled the INSEAD‘s Global Executive MBA: “Education is a passport to life, whatever the age of the learner. My goal is to allow each child to learn and share his knowledge to the world.”

Laetitia Aymonin

Laetitia AYMONIN – Founder and Director


Tharaa ALHOSAIN – Early-years English guide

With more than 8 years of teaching experience, Tharaa decided to complete her Montessori degree in London in 2016. Originally from Damascus, she has lived and worked in various countries such as Slovenia, Italy, England and France, and joined our school in order to achieve her goal: “I am working on providing a clear understanding of the importance of self-confidence and being able to provide a stimulating, caring and consistent environment for pupils.”
Raised in a Franco-German family, Maud has been a globe-trotter since her teens and studied or worked in France, Germany, Ireland, the USA, and Morocco. She was an excellent manager for her team in B2B companies until she realized her joy increased when surrounded by children. Certified by the French Montessori Institute in June 2019, her favorite sentence from Montessori is: “The teacher must avoid all superfluity, but must not forget the necessary.”


Maud SÉRIÉ – Early-years French guide


Jennifer DUREAU – Early-years French assistant

In parallel to her teaching experience in English and French in France, Italy and Spain, Jennifer trained to become Tai-chi certified and translated several books on Montessori. Certified with a Master degree in translation, she takes this year an online course to become a Montessori guide: “My expertise in Chinese martial arts helps me understand how important the movement, concentration, discipline, and repetition are, as well as humility, patience, respect and listening to oneself and others.”


Our partners are a collective of amazing people striving to bring additional expertise to the project, with one concern in each of their philanthropic soul: enabling a child-centered education as a passport to life. We thank them all dearly.

* Madame Lucas, Monsieur Millot, and Monsieur de Bourrousse from the Town Hall of Carrières-sur-Seine *


* All members at Yvelines Entrepreneurial Network, especially Pierre Court and Laurent Lieutaud *

* The Ministry of Education in Versailles, and more precisely the two mindful and professional inspectors *


* Maria Montessori Superior Institute of Paris *

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