Teaching Philosophy in Pre-School

Exemple de sujet en philosophie en maternelle Montessori

One morning, a parent asked me: “What is “circle time? What do children learn there? Why teaching philosophy”

After a two-hour period of Montessori activities, children love this moment of gathering in group at around 11.00 AM and 3.00 PM.

Teaching philosophy during the circle time

The guides ring a singing bowl announcing the end of their activities and the beginning of the gathering. On a round and cosy carpet, children sit and welcome each other with the support of our puppet Simon.

Then, depending on the mood, the weather, the season or the events, the children learn new songs or discuss topics of their interest in English and in French. Sometimes, they take the opportunity to propose yoga postures that everyone is eager to follow with a great interest!

The goal is to work the child’s memory, his patience and his ability to listen to each other.

Teaching Philosophy in workshops

Every other Friday during the morning gathering, our kind expert, Marianne DOUBRERE, comes in and offer the children to conceptualize starting from daily life events. With the support of books made for children, Marianne visits a theme per month. In October, thanks to the book Marcel and Hugo, we discussed on friendship and related topics such as love, family, or our own individuality. In November, we talked about the various types of life as trees, animals, or humans.

The Goal: Develop the Child’s Ability to Think for Him/Herself

  • Listen to a story, make a link to a theme, and generate questions
  • Listen to others
  • Formulate ideas, argue, and give examples
  • Learn to “conceptualize”
  • Understand the differences, the opposites, the generalities
  • Develop bases of individual free will

Description of Marianne DOUBRERE

Marianne Is a native from Carrières. After graduating from Science Po and HEC, she started to write children’s books and publications on parenthood and education, in parallel with her management duties in several consulting companies. In 2018, she discovers the association SEVE, « Savoir-être et Vivre Ensemble », and trains in order to teach children from an early age to think for themselves.

Since September, we have covered themes related to friendship, including love, self-being, etc.

This workshop is complimentary. There are no additional school fees to attend Philosophy.

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